The Beginning’s the Hardest, Right?

After getting so motivated to start this blog, I quickly found it overwhelming to think about writing it daily, so I probably won’t. But I will make sure I write at least three times a week.

On to the subject at hand – losing weight. On Wednesday, I worked out late – not that late, but late for me – 8 p.m.  I was wide awake.  I decided to give myself a pedicure, since I haven’t done that in a while.  Next thing I know, it’s 1 a.m.!  Although I didn’t have problems sleeping or waking, I was definitely too tired to work out that evening (Thursday).  Thus I committed myself to working out on Friday, which I did.  I did the entire Yoga X on Friday night.  Yoga X is about about an hour and a half long and intense. 

Interestingly enough, I managed to get my husband interested in doing it.  Considering he’s slim, he doesn’t feel the need to workout, but it’s been so long, that he’s actually considering doing it.  Yippee! 

I’ve been doing the Daniel Fast (aka strict vegan and/or homemade products) and haven’t lost ONE pound.  Friends tell me that it’s because I’m gaining muscle, but that’s really disheartening.  Anyway, I’m going to keep going, because I don’t really have a choice.  I need to shed myself of this icky body and give me back my old one.  I didn’t get this way overnight and I can’t expect to lose it that fast either.  Time to step up the cardio.

To supplement my workouts, I’m going to start trying to get on my stepper every morning for about 15 minutes.  Chat later!  I have to get some rest.


2 responses to “The Beginning’s the Hardest, Right?

  1. Im glad your husband decided to join you on your YOGA workout. Dont worry about the weight, inches will come off faster and the weight will follow through.

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